Managing outsourced teams is difficult.  We've been there, so we know. Since 2001, we have completed over 50 successful software, website and application projects using nearshore resources.Tips_Insights.jpg

The "10 Point Checklist for a Successful Nearshoring Project" will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and ensure your next outsourced project is a success!

Complete the form to the right and instantly download the Checklist to manage a successful nearshore outsourcing project. The Checklist will cover detailed steps for:

  • Using the right tools and technology to optimize productivity

  • Having face-time at the right times during the project

  • Maintaining a proactive relationship with the Client

  • And More!

Nearshore Outsourcing, compared with your typical Offshoring option (India, China, Eastern Europe, etc) has huge advantages including better communication, shorter development time, shared time zones, and cultural and social similarities. 

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