What does it take to build an innovative successful iOS App?

We have seen an explosive growth of mobile app adoption and usage over the last 5 years, and according to Yahoo-based Flurry Analytics, in 2014 overall app usage grew by 76%. With apps entering the mainstream, apps focused on business, productivity, and utilities are bringing on a new user-base to mobile app usage. 

Enter HALO Mobile, a self-funded technology start-up helmed by a father and son team. They conceived and designed HALO, a hardware diagnostics mobile app for iOS6 and iOS7. They had one shot at fulfilling their concept and couldn't take risks. 

To bring a high-quality app to market on a start-up budget and timeline—and get it right the first time—they needed several assurances from the app development companies they vetted:

  • A budget conscious fixed-fee structure with a high benefit-cost ratio

  • Trustworthy, carefully vetted project managers and developers

  • Frequent, efficient, and easy communication with all team members, near and far

  • Experienced iOS App Development for Apple devices.

Out of several app development companies, Venice Consulting Group was hired to assemble the optimal hybrid nearshore team to meet all of HALO Mobile's needs.

DOWNLOAD the Case Study

Download the complete case study to learn how Venice Consulting successfully completed the project on-time and on-budget and helped HALO Mobile navigate through the launch of their Apple iOS Mobile App launch.

Nearshore Outsourcing, compared with your typical Offshoring option (India, China, Eastern Europe, etc) has huge advantages including better communication, shorter development time, shared time zones, and cultural and social similarities. 

Planning a development project? We can help you by putting together a highly skilled Nearshore Team.

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