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Developing Healthcare Apps

How Are Your Apps Vitals?

Learn what it takes to develop and launch a successful healthcare app.

Developing Healthcare Applications


Nearshoring Project Checklist

Practical Tips for Outsourcing

Ensure your next outsourced project is a success with this 10 point checklist.

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EPiServer CMS Development

On Time and On Budget

Find out how to get help managing your next EPiServer CMS project.

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Free E-Book: 2017 Forecast on Digital Disruption

in Data, Analytic and Innovation Technology

Learn what it takes to develop and launch a successful mobile app with a 40% cost savings.




How Halo Built a Successful App

iOS App Development Case Study

Learn how this lean start up significantly reduced off shore development risk. 

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This resource can help you save as much as 40% on your SharePoint projects.

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Get smart with weekly nearshore outsourcing and project management articles.

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Rethink Behavioral Health App 

Improving Clinical Outcomes

How a mobile healthcare application improved treatment programs.

 Case Study - Rethink Behavioral Health App 


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Ideas into App Realities

Let's talk about what it would take to bring your enterprise app Ideas to life



Mobile App Development

Learn how to cut your cost by 40%

Learn how to develop a successful enterprise mobile app that's built on-time and on-budget.

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Avoid Offshore Headaches

CropMetrics Case Study

Learn more about the revolutionizing Hybrid Outsourcing Model.

 Casestudy- Mobile App Development for the Farming Industry 


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2017 Forecast on Enterprise App

Development in Retail and Banking

Learn what it takes to develop and launch a successful mobile app with a 40% cost saving.



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